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Flying wind turbines!


What's wrong with regular wind turbines? Nothing!
They are great power sources, but airborne wind energy systems (AWES) have some unique advantages:

  • They use higher, stronger and more stable winds

  • They use much less material

  • They are mobile

  • They have no tower with a moment on the base, making them uniquely suited for offshore plants.

But how?

There are multiple kinds of awes. They have in common that they use tensile structures instead of a tower and can harvest higher, more powerful and steady winds. Until we've got our own introduction online, enjoy this third party content:














Kitekraft and ewindsolutions have a nice explanations of their systems as well.

What's this site about?


Right now you can see a list of all the organizations working on awes, upcoming events, the job board and join the forum.

More features are going to be added soonish.